DHI treatment

Are you curious whether a DHI treatment is also something for you?

How does it work?

DHI stands for Direct Hair Implantation, a modern hair transplant technique. The results are highly natural and visually very beautiful. After a treatment, the hairs continue to grow for a lifetime. The DHI method uses implant pins (Choi pins). Harvesting the grafts corresponds to the FUE technique, because an incision is made around the graft using a small hollow drill, after which it can be transplanted. By using the Choi pens, the grafts can be implanted directly into the scalp.
Because the channels no longer have to be opened, it is not necessary to shave your hair. An additional advantage is that with DHI there is little or no bleeding during implantation. The Choi pen provides a high degree of control and security. This allows the doctor to accurately determine the direction, depth and angle of the hair follicle. This benefits the natural result.

DHI method

Incisies grafts

The first step is to make small incisions around the hair follicles.

Extraction grafts

The second step is to collect the hair follicles from the donor area.

Save grafts

The grafts are then placed in a special liquid, so that the grafts survive better.

Implanteren grafts

Finally, the grafts are implanted directly into the skin using the Choi pen.

The benefits of DHI

Immediate implantation and less bleeding

Hair follicles can be implanted directly by means of the Choi pen. No incisions are made in the receiving zone. For this reason, hardly any bleeding occurs during implantation.

Maximum density possible

This hair transplant method achieves a higher graft density per square centimeter.

only shave in the donor area

With DHI it is possible to shave only the hair in the donor area. This is in contrast to FUE, where the entire (scalp) skin must be shaved.

Shorter recovery period

The absence of incisions in the receiving zone minimizes damage to the skin. For this reason, the recovery period is shorter.

Working method

Hair Clinic Wolf offers you full insight into the process of the DHI treatment method and all the steps to be taken. For more information about our method, please contact us or read more about our method.

Marijn V.

Very well organized from start to finish! Lieselotte personally came to my home to explain the entire procedure surrounding the hair transplant in Istanbul. I was walked through each specific step (visually) and was able to ask the necessary questions. In Istanbul, everything was well organized; at the airport I was picked up by a driver and dropped off at the hotel which was otherwise fine (the hotel was clean, the staff helpful, and the food fine). The next day I was driven to the university hospital for treatment. The doctor, Taner, received me there kindly and spoke very good English. The hairline was drawn and slightly corrected at my request. Although I had some doubts at first whether the hairline would look ‘natural’ enough, luckily this turned out to be the case afterwards. Taner also said that this may have been the most important criterion for him for the hair transplant. After drawing the hairline, some specialists removed the hairs from the donor area. The planting of the hairs was performed by Taner and another experienced specialist. The entire treatment was painless thanks to the anaesthetic, but it was quite a long session (~8 hours). The younger specialists spoke Turkish to each other at that time, which makes sense, but because you don’t understand it, in combination with the long seat, it was somewhat tiring for me. After the treatment, the driver took me back to the hotel and both Taner and Lieselotte checked regularly via the app over the next few days how I was doing. After three days and a PCR test at the hotel, the driver took me back to the airport in the direction of Amsterdam. The recovery is now going well at home. Sleeping with the neck pillow is not ideal, but I don’t think there is much that can be done about that. We will have to wait and see what the result will be in the near future, but I have every confidence in it!

A. Boerekamps

After having intake interviews at Dutch clinics, I came into contact with Lieselotte from Simson’s Hair (later Hair Clinic Wolf). It felt very good and familiar from the first moment. I got extensive information and I was immediately out. At Simson’s hair I went to do the hair transplant. I have had contact with Lieselotte at least 30 times about anything and everything, all my questions were patiently answered. July 30 I went to Turkey with a friend. From the beginning to the end I experienced the involvement and expertise of Lieselotte and the team in Turkey. The doctor Dr. Taner once again explained how the day would go and drew the hairline in consultation with me. My girlfriend was also involved and informed. The anesthetic was not pleasant, but I did not feel any pain at all. A long day, with lunch in between. Hotel was very neat with very friendly staff and a nice spacious room. The food was good too. August 2 ablution and we were taken back to the airport. Even at home I still feel the involvement. I am so enthusiastic about Simson’s hair that I wish it on everyone who is thinking about a hair transplant.

I. Cohen

Had a hair transplant a month ago through simson’s hair (later Hair Clinic Wolf). The intake with Lieselotte went very well and the contact afterwards was also great. There was a lot of contact and I could always ask questions. All transport and facilities were super arranged and prepared, both in the Netherlands and Turkey. This includes instructions, taxi, hotel, etc. The treatment itself, led by Taner, went very well. Again clear instructions and put at ease (good English) and hardly had any pain. A month later, no problems at all and looking very good! Highly recommended for everyone!!

M. Lobbes

On the advice of via , and after already hearing a positive experience, I decided to go to this clinic myself and it was more than worth it. Super good guidance, personal follow-up process and the Doctor himself and the team were very friendly and walk you through the treatment. Aftercare is still very involved and you can always reach someone if you have any questions or concerns. You will be taken care of before, during and after the treatment!

M. Klinkenberg

On December 11, 2020 a hair transplant was done at simsons hair, later Hair Clinic Wolf. From the consultation to the aftercare, everything was perfectly arranged. Lieselotte knows what she is talking about and is clear and honest, the doctor in Turkey (Dr Taner) and his team are very friendly and work professionally. Now 7 months later and more than satisfied with the recovery and the process. Definitely recommended if you are looking for an honest and professional clinic for a hair transplant.

J. de Klerk

Top service. From transport in Turkey to English-speaking guidance in the clinic, everything is arranged down to the last detail. In particular, big compliments for the possibility of easily accessible contact with Lieselotte. I could go to her with all my questions and so I never felt insecure for a moment. Highly recommended!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DHI and how does it work?

DHI is a hair transplant method that uses implant pins (Choi pins). The graft is harvested from the donor area using a small hollow drill. The graft is then placed in the Choi pen and transplanted directly into the scalp.

What are the benefits of DHI?

A higher density can be achieved by using the DHI method. An additional advantage is that little or no bleeding occurs during implantation. It is also possible to shave only your donor area.

What is the difference with FUE?

With the FUE method, channels are made in the scalp into which the hairs are later transplanted. This is not necessary with the DHI method, since the hairs are transplanted directly into the scalp.

What are the disadvantages of DHI?

The DHI hair transplant treatment takes more time and requires a different technique from the treatment team, which means that more costs are charged for this treatment.