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What will I look like after a hair transplant?


How do I get the best results after a hair transplant?


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What will I look like after a hair transplant?

If your hairline is receding or your crown is thinning, you may be considering a hair transplant. The most important thing about a hair transplant is of course the result, but when will that actually become visible? And what will my hair go through next? Read all about the results after a hair transplant here.

A hair transplant is divided into four days at Hair Clinic Wolf. Unfortunately, the result is not immediately visible after these four days, but it is worth the wait! On the first day you will board a plane to Istanbul. There you will be picked up from the airport and then transferred to your hotel. The second day you have the treatment, which lasts about 6 to 8 hours. This depends on the amount of grafts that are transplanted. After the hair transplant, your donor area will be bandaged. When you undergo a FUE treatment, you will be given a headband. If you go for a DHI treatment, this is not the case.

The third day includes a rest day at the hotel. On the fourth day, you are expected to return to the hair transplant department for a follow-up check-up and washing. The bandage is removed and the first wash takes place. We carry out the first washing and at this moment you will be provided with an explanation by means of a Dutch instruction video about the special way of washing. You will receive the lotion and shampoo to be used for this.

It is important that you wash in the special way for 8 days after the treatment. After the hair transplant, you will get a slight crusting on your scalp. It is important that you do not scratch this, as this will affect your results after the hair transplant. On the tenth day after your treatment, you will receive instructions on how to remove the scabs from your head. This has a positive effect on the result because your new hair can grow more easily. When you have removed the scabs in the instructed way, no one will notice that hair implants have been placed on you.



How do I get the best results after my hair transplant?

Hair Clinic Wolf supports you during the entire aftercare process. After your hair transplant you will receive instructions in which all points for attention for after the treatment are included, these guidelines contribute to the result.

When you combine a PRP treatment with a hair transplant, this will benefit your results. PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma, this plasma provides extra nourished hair follicles, smooth wound healing and it strengthens the growth of your grafts. To learn more about PRP, read more on our page “Everything about PRP”.

It is important that you follow the instructions in the provided documentation. Incorrectly following the guidelines after the hair transplant can have negative consequences on your results. Think, for example, of touching your receiving area. It is important that you do not touch this area until you wash the area yourself. Touch may cause the grafts to move or loosen. Furthermore, it is very important, for example, that you avoid physical exertion as much as possible for the first 3 days. Rest as much as possible and avoid bending over.

When you follow all the guidelines, this has a positive effect on your hair transplant result and nothing stands in the way of a good recovery!

    voor na haartransplantatie before after hair transplant
    voor na haartransplantatie before after hair transplant
    voor na haartransplantatie before after hair transplant
    voor na haartransplantatie before after hair transplant
    voor na haartransplantatie before after hair transplant

    When will I see results?

    In the first period after the hair transplant, something unnatural happens to you: your transplanted hair can fall out, also known as shockfall. This does not affect the result and is nothing to worry about, this is part of it. It doesn’t have to happen to you, but the chances are high. The hair loss starts approximately from day 15 after the treatment until the end of the second month.

    Not much happens in the third month after your hair transplant. Some people get a few new hairs or lose a few more. At the end of the third month, new hairs start growing every day. At the end of the seventh month you will see about 85 to 90% of the result. Then, in the eighth to twelfth month, the hair continues to grow and new hairs are added all the time. After 12 to 14 months you will actually see your results, it was worth the wait!

    However, it is important that you keep in mind that the above description generally applies, not everyone is the same, so the entire process will not be the same for everyone. This is nothing to worry about, but if in doubt you can always contact us.

    Your intake at Hair Clinic Wolf

    To choose your hair transplant specialist, it is simply important that you feel good about it. If you look at all hair transplant providers, there is none that offer an intake in your trusted environment. At Hair Clinic Wolf, the hair transplant specialist simply comes to you. During the intake you will receive all information about the process and your hair transplant result. You can also ask all your possible questions. You will also receive our brochure: “Everything about hair transplants”. Would you like an intake with one of our specialists? Make an appointment online, call us or complete our quick scan below and we will be happy to contact you without obligation.


    Review by Twan

    A hair transplant.. long thought about it and doubted…

    Finally had contact with the advisor of Hair Clinic Wolf and a consultation was quickly scheduled. The entire process was clearly described and explained with photos and videos by a knowledgeable consultant. If there was any doubt, it was removed. A very competitive quotation followed and the choice for Hair Clinic Wolf was made.

    The entire journey was well organized and looked after, from the pick-up and return to the airport to the escort from the excellent hotel to the clinic and back.

    The medical team led by Dr. Taner Karahan is very knowledgeable. You are put at ease immediately after entering and they give a very clear explanation of what is about to happen. The anesthetic was given almost painlessly and I hardly experienced any pain during and after the treatment.

    The day of the follow-up also goes smoothly and finally a first hair wash is provided. And the result…..Amazing!!!

    Book an appointment

    +31 (0)416 68 58 08

    Patient's Journey

    Marijn V.

    Very well organized from start to finish! Lieselotte personally came to my home to explain the entire procedure surrounding the hair transplant in Istanbul. I was walked through each specific step (visually) and was able to ask the necessary questions.

    In Istanbul, everything was well organized; at the airport I was picked up by a driver and dropped off at the hotel which was otherwise fine (the hotel was clean, the staff helpful, and the food fine).

    The next day I was driven to the university hospital for treatment. The doctor, Taner, received me there kindly and spoke very good English. The hairline was drawn and slightly corrected at my request. Although I had some doubts at first whether the hairline would look ‘natural’ enough, luckily this turned out to be the case afterwards. Taner also said that this may have been the most important criterion for him for the hair transplant. After drawing the hairline, some specialists removed the hairs from the donor area. The planting of the hairs was performed by Taner and another experienced specialist. The entire treatment was painless thanks to the anaesthetic, but it was quite a long session (~8 hours). The younger specialists spoke Turkish to each other at that time, which makes sense, but because you don’t understand it, in combination with the long seat, it was somewhat tiring for me.

    After the treatment, the driver took me back to the hotel and both Taner and Lieselotte checked regularly via the app over the next few days how I was doing. After three days and a PCR test at the hotel, the driver took me back to the airport in the direction of Amsterdam. The recovery is now going well at home. Sleeping with the neck pillow is not ideal, but I don’t think there is much that can be done about that. We will have to wait and see what the result will be in the near future, but I have every confidence in it!

    A. Boerekamps

    After having intake interviews at Dutch clinics, I came into contact with Lieselotte from Simson’s Hair (later Hair Clinic Wolf). It felt very good and familiar from the first moment. I got extensive information and I was immediately out. At Simson’s hair I went to do the hair transplant.
    I have had contact with Lieselotte at least 30 times about anything and everything, all my questions were patiently answered.

    July 30 I went to Turkey with a friend. From the beginning to the end I experienced the involvement and expertise of Lieselotte and the team in Turkey. The doctor Dr. Taner once again explained how the day would go and drew the hairline in consultation with me. My girlfriend was also involved and informed. The anesthetic was not pleasant, but I did not feel any pain at all. A long day, with lunch in between.

    Hotel was very neat with very friendly staff and a nice spacious room. The food was good too. August 2 ablution and we were taken back to the airport. Even at home I still feel the involvement. I am so enthusiastic about Simson’s hair that I wish it on everyone who is thinking about a hair transplant.

    I. Cohen

    Had a hair transplant a month ago through simson’s hair (later Hair Clinic Wolf). The intake with Lieselotte went very well and the contact afterwards was also great. There was a lot of contact and I could always ask questions.

    All transport and facilities were super arranged and prepared, both in the Netherlands and Turkey. This includes instructions, taxi, hotel, etc. The treatment itself, led by Taner, went very well. Again clear instructions and put at ease (good English) and hardly had any pain. A month later, no problems at all and looking very good! Highly recommended for everyone!!

    M. Lobbes

    On the advice of via , and after already hearing a positive experience, I decided to go to this clinic myself and it was more than worth it.

    Super good guidance, personal follow-up process and the Doctor himself and the team were very friendly and walk you through the treatment. Aftercare is still very involved and you can always reach someone if you have any questions or concerns. You will be taken care of before, during and after the treatment!

    M. Klinkenberg

    On December 11, 2020 a hair transplant was done at simsons hair, later Hair Clinic Wolf. From the consultation to the aftercare, everything was perfectly arranged. Lieselotte knows what she is talking about and is clear and honest, the doctor in Turkey (Dr Taner) and his team are very friendly and work professionally. Now 7 months later and more than satisfied with the recovery and the process. Definitely recommended if you are looking for an honest and professional clinic for a hair transplant.

    J. de Klerk

    Top service. From transport in Turkey to English-speaking guidance in the clinic, everything is arranged down to the last detail. In particular, big compliments for the possibility of easily accessible contact with Lieselotte. I could go to her with all my questions and so I never felt insecure for a moment. Highly recommended!

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