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voor na haartransplantatie before after hair transplant
voor na haartransplantatie before after hair transplant
verschil voor en na behandeling
voor na haartransplantatie before after hair transplant
voor na haartransplantatie before after hair transplant
voor na haartransplantatie before after hair transplant
verschil voor en na behandeling
voor na haartransplantatie before after hair transplant
voor na haartransplantatie before after hair transplant
voor na haartransplantatie before after hair transplant
verschil voor en na behandeling
voor na haartransplantatie before after hair transplant
voor na haartransplantatie before after hair transplant
voor na haartransplantatie before after hair transplant

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Yuanchuan ZhangYuanchuan Zhang
13:48 19 Dec 22
It was a perfect experiences with Hair Clinic Wolf in October, nothing to complain!I had the idea to have the hair transplant about 2 years ago since I learned it from barbershop. Lieslotte from Hair Clinic Wolf gave me a very personal advice together with Doctor Taner in Turkey so I was totally convinced in that time. After Covid time, My trip became true.The trip was smooth and everything was arranged in a thoughtful way. But since I was alone, I was still a bit nervous until seen the team, they are very professional and kind.The surgery went well even it took hours to finish all steps, I was just relaxing there and waiting for the result.Now I am back and let's see how it goes in coming future, exciting!
Alex MarcusAlex Marcus
10:02 29 Oct 22
Write this review 5 days after my treatment. The result is fantastic (no pain, no ugly wounds and beautiful divided "new" hair) the whole trip with good information and photo check from Dr. Taner and Lieselotte. Of course I had a lot of questions, but all the questions I had were all answered neatly and quickly, so I eventually went for Hair Clinic Wolf. Because I already went with my wife a weekend before the treatment, I didn't sleep in the hotel so I can't say anything about this.The treatment is neatly done in a teaching hospital with Dr. Taner and his team (that it is performed by a doctor, so I have not always seen this with other providers, there is a doctor walking around, but he does not do the treatment himself. It is mandatory in Turkey that the treatment in a hospital is performed so all providers are in the same hospital but not everyone is a doctor I was shocked by this and was happy that I had Dr. Taner 1 on 1 instead of an assistant who then does the placement of new hairs, possibly with or without real experience in this ). In short, I can only recommend Hair Clinic Wolf if you want to be treated neatly and for a decent price. dr. Taner has been doing this for 9 years so I think this is the most important point to emphasize. Aftercare is also excellent through personal contact with both Dr. Taner and Lieselotte for any questions about aftercare (important for the first 10 days).I am glad that I ended up at Hair Clinic Wolf from the many providers and can recommend it to everyone (I am really happy with the result, but I think that can be read from my review ;-)).
Very positive experience with Hair Clinic Wolf. At Wolf you get a personalized treatment. Before, during and after the treatment, you and your hair are number 1. I ended up at Wolf through someone else. After a first conversation and some WhatsApp messages with Lieselotte, I was hooked. The decisive factor was the personal attention of Lieselotte and the expertise of Dr Tanner and his team. Never had a moment of doubt. The information for the treatment clearly with achievable guidelines. The treatment took place in a clean and tidy clinic in Istanbul. Dr. Tanner's team is there for you throughout the treatment and puts you at ease. Each step of the treatment is clearly discussed with you. You could also ask questions about what they were doing during the treatment. The amount of grafts is determined on site. We look carefully at what you need and how much your donor area can miss. After a long treatment you will be neatly brought back to your hotel. Where the great stay helps you with your first recovery. After a rest day you go back for the first wash. You will also receive a clear explanation about this and how you can perform the ablution at home. Once at home, Lieselotte will keep in touch about the progress of your recovery. Every question is answered immediately and if necessary you can still have video contact with Dr. Tanner in Turkey. In short, you are still in doubt and do you not only want a VIP treatment like in all other clinics, but do you want a personal hair treatment plan with attention for you and your hair, then go to Hair Clinic Wolf!
Andy NewboldAndy Newbold
18:59 12 Oct 22
I started to consider a transplant over a period of about 6 months.I searched online and found a few different options including Wolf. I completed an online form and received a call from Liselotte. She was very helpful and was happy to take time to discuss in a non-pressure understanding way. I had many questions which were all answered clearly. After a short time I decided to go ahead with Wolf.Invoices came in three parts which I paid immediately and got a fast confirmation and a thank you for paying so quickly message.I booked months ahead as I needed to mentally prepare myself and also didn’t want to do it in the summer. During this time Liselotte answered any concerns and questions I had within moments of me asking. The customer service is stunningly good (and I say this having lived in New York)!As the days drew closer I started to get written checklist, pre-treatment, post-treatment and medication information. I was also invited to speak with the doctor in Istanbul.The day came to fly out and everything had been arranged perfectly. I was collected from Istanbul airport in a limo and delivered to my hotel. The hotel was very comfortable and there were a lot of problem from many countries all having some kind of surgery including hair. This made me feel very comfortable as I felt anxious about what I would look like and if people would stare at me.The day of the procedure arrive and I was met by a hostess called Ateyna. She is Turkish by birth but born and brought upon the Netherlands speaking perfect Dutch, perfect Turkish and very good English. She accompanied me to the hospital and was very professionally friendly putting me at ease. She introduced me to the team that would undertake my procedure.The Doctor (Dr. Taner) had personally sent me a text the night before ether procedure saying he was looking forward to meeting me and would answer any remaining questions.I asked his advice on exactly what I should do and he explained about age appropriate hairline and how it looks if you try to rewind your hairline too far for example. I took his advice since he was so confident and experienced.There was a team of four. I won’t detail the process but watching this team work was impressive. They really know what they are doing. The procedure was about eight hours. I even managed to sleep for about two of those hours.I was delivered back to the hotel and the excellent service continued until I left. I am just back from the flight home and I am very satisfied with the entire experience.This is customer service at its best. This is value for money to say the least. I am very happy with all dealings with Wolf Hair Clonic and would hire any one of them in a heart beat!I thoroughly recommend Wolf Hair Clinic based on my experience and will speak with anyone that wants my first hand feedback. I know reviews are vital in this business and these people deserve this long but strongly positive review.Andy
Jochen HahnrathsJochen Hahnraths
19:00 14 Jun 22
The bald spot dominated a large part of my life, uncertainty took over.I then started looking for information about hair transplants.Then I came across Hair Clinic Wolf, immediately sent a message and a very fast response.Before I knew it, Lieselotte (owner) was sitting at our table. What a personal approach and clear explanation. She gave me time to let everything sink in, but when I decided to take the plunge, everything was quickly arranged. Lieselotte quickly set up the necessary actions and less than two months later I was on the plane to Istanbul.I found this exciting, but everything was arranged down to the last detail. From the flights, to the pick-up at the airport, to the hotel and to the hospital, I was picked up on time everywhere.The treatment itself was of course the most exciting, the doctors played well with me and responded well when I was in pain.Lieselotte was very involved and often sent me a message asking how I was doing.When I got home I had to go to the hairdresser every day for a week, Lieselotte had also arranged this for me.The last day Lieselotte was even present at my hairdresser and gave me the latest information.It all went very well, thanks in part to Lieselotte's involvement and care!Highly recommended! I can't wait for the final result, but I have every confidence in it!Greetings Jochen
Victor StachowitzVictor Stachowitz
12:27 10 Jun 22
My brother and I had been thinking about getting a transplant for a while. Coincidentally, Lieselotte is an old fellow student of my brother. As a result, it felt very familiar, especially after the consultation. It is neatly indicated in advance what you can expect from the operation and the result. Nothing is promised that cannot be delivered. So you get honest advice.The transport to and from the airport in Istanbul, the hospital and the hotel is all arranged for you. Communication is clear and apps (questions) are answered quickly by Lieselotte. So you don't have to spend hours wondering about something, which is definitely a plus.The surgery went well for me. Of course it is quite a sit, but you can easily kill the time by watching a movie. Of course the anesthesia hurts for a while, but you have to bite through it. You will not feel anything from the operation itself.I had a Dutch interpreter who helped me through the day. The surgeon (Taner) is a super friendly man with humor and puts you at ease. Compared to other Turks, he speaks good English and otherwise there is always an interpreter you can ask for something. No question is too crazy. I felt completely at ease, which is nice when you have an operation.The hospital doesn't look like a hospital at all. From the inside and outside it looks more like a hotel, which also gives a nicer atmosphere. The staff are very friendly.The hotel is clean and well maintained. The food is tasty and the staff are friendly.All in all, a very positive experience and I would recommend it to anyone who has any doubts about it. If you want to undergo a transplant with a good feeling and be completely unburdened, choose Hair Clinic Wolf!
Kevin DiederenKevin Diederen
12:46 31 May 22
Very professional company, which arranges everything tip-top for you. From the meeting at our home to the evaluation meeting, everything went great. Everything is arranged for you and if you have any questions, you can contact your own contact person. All the worries I had were taken away from me. The guidance in Turkey was superb, the doctor very competent and the university hospital was top notch. I can recommend anyone to work with this company. Only praise!
Rutger PRutger P
09:20 06 Jan 20
Very service orientated and professional team.


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