Our method

Read below which steps are taken to achieve a successful hair transplant.

which 7 steps do you go through?

Hair Clinic Wolf is happy to provide insight into the process of our treatment techniques. On this page you will find an explanation of the consultation to the control moments.

The consultation

During the consultation you will discuss your wishes and the treatment with your advisor. This can be done by telephone, at our office in Kaatsheuvel or at a location of your choice. There are some important questions you may want to ask your advisor, such as: Is it realistic what I want to achieve with the treatment? And: Will I have any scars from the treatment?

The specialist will, among other things, consider the best surgical approach to the problem you have with your hair and youw wishes and concerns.

As the approach to your care may change, it is important that you inform your advisor of any previous treatments, medications and your medical situation.


When all the necessary data has been registered and you have had an initial conversation, pictures are taken from five different perspectives. All photos we take of our customers are for internal use only. We only share the photos with the medical team in Istanbul. After this, a summary of the interview with your advisor and the photos taken will be sent to the Turkish hair transplant specialist for assessment.

Determining treatment

The Turkish hair transplant specialist determines whether your donor area and the structure of your hair are suitable for a hair transplant. Analyzes are also made of the areas where new hairs will be implanted. In addition, an estimate will be made of the number of grafts that will be transplanted. The anticipated outcome and any changes will be discussed with you.

Information provision, treatment and travel

When you agree and are satisfied with the anticipated result, the planning of your treatment will be started. You will also receive additional information from us about the guidelines before and after the treatments, the day program, the hotel and additional information. You will also receive this information by e-mail, so that you can read it back in peace. A day before the treatment you will board a plane in the Netherlands and you will arrive in Turkey at the Sabiha Gokcen airport in Istanbul. On arrival you will be met by an English speaking transfer leader. He will guide you to the driver. You will then be taken to your hotel where you can relax from your trip.

the treatment day and medication

Day two is the treatment day. After breakfast you will be picked up from the hotel by the driver. It is best for you to wear clothes that you do not have to take off over the head. It is important that the grafts are not touched after surgery. You will be taken to the hair transplant department after which our doctor will receive you and provide more information about the process. The hairs are harvested in the first part of the day. The hairs are placed in the second part of the day. After the treatment you will receive your medication with the intake schedule. You will then be taken to your hotel where you can relax from your treatment.

Day of rest, ablution, Control moment and return journey

The third day includes a rest day at the hotel, it is important that you adhere to the guidelines. On day four, after breakfast, our driver will be ready for you again. On this day the bandage will be removed, your first washing will take place and you will have your last check-up with your attending physician. You will then receive additional information about the products to be used and the washing. After the final check it is time to be taken back to the airport by the driver.

Washing and control appointments

When you are back in the Netherlands, you can choose to have your washing performed by a specialized hairdresser. We are busy expanding our partners, do you want your hairdresser to specialize in the washing process? Let us know! You have five check points. The first check-up is on day 10 after the treatment, it is important on this day that you comply with the additional washing instructions. This way you can achieve the best result! The following checkpoints are at the end of the 1e, 4e, 8e, and 12e month after treatment. You can also contact Hair Clinic Wolf at any time, the Dutch and Turkish team is always there for you!

Will the insurance pay for my hair transplant?

Hair transplant surgery is usually not covered by insurance because it is considered a cosmetic treatment.

What are the prices?

Request a quote for your specific situation for treatment including flight, hotel and aftercare.

What are the effects of smoking, alcohol and drugs?

The risk of complications from surgery can be significantly increased if you smoke. It is strongly recommended that you stop smoking and use all nicotine products for at least six weeks before surgery.

Do I need a GP referral for cosmetic surgery?

Most cosmetic surgeons and medical specialists would like to see you for an initial consultation without a referral from your GP. But if you plan on going ahead with cosmetic surgery, your surgeon may ask for your permission to contact your primary care physician for details of your medical history.

What are FUE and DHI?

These are modern hair transplant techniques in which the hair follicles are transferred one by one to the receiving zone.

What is PRP?

A PRP hair treatment is an innovative method to stimulate your hair growth without surgery.